How to make your parents agree to love marriage in Islam?

Are you the one who wants to do a love marriage? If any of my muslim brothers and sisters want to convince their parents to love marriage. Then they can read our powerful and effective dua to agree parents for love marriage. This powerful dua is fully tested and performed by our many followers and […]

Dua To Protect From Evil Eye

Dua to protect from evil eye

Dua To Protect From Evil Eye In a world full of unseen forces and energies, humans have long been fascinated and wary of the concept of the evil eye. Believed to bring misfortune, illness, or harm, the evil eye is an ancient belief that spans across cultures and religions. The evil eye is said to […]

Dua To Relieve Pain

dua to relieve pain

Dua To Relieve Pain Body pain, whether physical or mental, is an inevitable part of the human experience. While medical treatments can offer relief, sometimes the pain persists, leaving individuals seeking solace through alternative means. In such times of distress, turning to prayer and strengthening one’s faith can prove to be a source of immense […]

Dua To Get What You Want

dua to get what you want

Dua To Get What You Want. In this article, we explore the fundamental idea of dua—the act of pleading with Allah SWT and show how it might be the key to achieving your greatest goals in a halal and moral manner. We present to you a potent dua that has the capacity to bring about […]

Dua To Find Lost Things

Dua for finding lost things

Dua To Find Lost Things Losing something valuable can be distressing, leaving us feeling anxious and disheartened Whether it’s your keys, your phone, or even your favorite childhood teddy bear, losing something can make you feel helpless and hopeless. However, in times of loss, the believers find solace in their faith and turn to the […]

Dua To Drink Milk

dua to drink milk

Dua To Drink Milk As Muslims, expressing gratitude for the blessings we receive is essential, and this includes the food and drink we consume. When drinking milk, we can recite powerful dua’s that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us. In this article we will disscuss all those dua’s which should be recited […]

Dua To Enter Home

Dua to enter home

Dua To Enter Home Duas are special prayers or supplications that Muslims say to communicate with Allah (God). When entering our homes, there are specific dua’s that we can recite to seek Allah’s blessings and protection for ourselves and our household. Saying these dua before entering our homes is important because it reminds us to […]

A Brief Explanation of Islam

Brief Explanation of Islamic Religion Islam is one of the three monotheistic religions known as the Abrahamic religions ( Judaism, Christianity, Islam), and it is the second most followed religion in the world. The general meaning of the word Islam is complete submission to the Creator by monotheism, submission to him with obedience, and disavowal […]