What Dua to read when it rains?

When it rains, recite any of the following prayers

“In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, “Praise be to Allah, the One who sends down the blessings of the heavens, and spreads His mercy to his servants. O Allah, praise be to God, the number of all drops that have descended from the sky since Kant, and the total number of drops that have descended from them has lasted, O God, make them good, and beneficial, and agreeable.” Blessed are the first and the last, and the beginning and the end, and the end, and the end, and the end, and the end, and the end, and the end, and the end, and the end, and the beginning, and the end, and the end, and the end”

Dua for rain in arabic

dua for rain

1st dua when it starts raining

“All praise is for God who sends down rain from the sky and spreads his mercy to people. God, thank you for every drop of rain that has fallen since the beginning and for every drop that will fall from the sky in the future.”

2nd dua for rain

“O Allah, make this rain plentiful and pleasant and a beneficial and appropriate rain, bless its beginning and end, its beginning and its end, its descent and its flow, and its sinking and its gathering, and what is upon it. Go and it grows by it, put it. And because of your mercy, make it the cause of safety, health and a good end, O the most merciful of the merciful.”

Dua for rain in arabic with english translation

تُحْیی بِهِ مَا قَدْ مَاتَ، وَ تَرُدُّ بِهِ مَا قَدْ فَاتَ وَ تُخْرِجُ بِهِ مَا هُوَ آتٍ، وَ تُوَسِّعُ بِهِ فِی الْأَقْوَاتِ، سَحَاباً مُتَرَاکماً هَنِیئاً مَرِیئاً طَبَقاً مُجَلْجَلًا، غَیرَ مُلِثٍّ وَدْقُهُ، وَ لَا خُلَّبٍ بَرْقُهُ

To give life to everything that is dead, and to bring back to us what has passed away, and to bring out what has come, and because of that, expand the sustenances, a cloud that is compressed together, fruitful and pleasant and comprehensive and roaring, whose rain is constant. Destructive, and its lightning is not deceptive (without rain)