Dua to Pass Job Interview

Many organizations around the world conduct job interviews and many candidates seeking job are going through the interview process daily. So here in this article we we will let you know different duas to pass job interview.

So what is the problem? Why people afraid of job interviews?

Basically it is the nature of every human being that when anyone is judge by new people they get confused and afraid.So the following dua for the success in job interview keep you calm and confident during the interview process.

A person has a constant feeling of anxiety before going to any new personal interview that qualifies him to get a job, and to control that anxiety over him by turning to God and praying for him success.

Following are the duas to pass job interview

Dua #1 Surah Taha

Recite surat Taha (ayat 25-28) when you leave your home for interview as much as you can until you reach the job location.This will boost your self confidence and keep you calm.

dua for interview 1

Dua # 02 114 Ayat From Surah Taha

The ayat of surah taha is all about knowledge.Read this 11 time before appearing in any job interview.This will help you to pass job interview.

رَبِّ زِدۡنِي عِلۡمًا

Dua # 03 Surah Baqarah- Ayah: 32

Surah Baqarah is the longest surah of Quran and it is 2nd surah of Quran. Its 32nd ayah is about knowledge. Recite this ayah before leaving for your job interview. It will keep you strong through out the interview process.  

dua for success in interview 3

Facilitating matters and relief is in the hands of God Almighty, but what is in the hands of the Muslim is striving as God commanded us, supplication and dua to God, we found Him capable of facilitating our affairs and relieving our worries.

So we the Islamic story recommend you recite the all above Duas to Pass Job Interview.