Niyaz Dene ka Tarika-Islamic way to offer niyaz

Niyaz is a common phrase used in the Urdu language and can have several meanings. If we look at this text in the context of Islamic social traditions, niyaz means performing a beautiful act or worship for the sake of Allah.

Niyaz, also known as nazr or offering, is a way of showing gratitude or making a vow to fulfill a certain wish or desire. The method (Niyaz Dene ka Tarika)of offering niyaz can vary depending on cultural and Islamic religious traditions, but here are some general steps you can follow to perform Niyaz in Islamic way:

Step 1

Start with a pure and sincere intention. Before offering niyaz, it is important to have a clear intention of why you are offering it and to whom you are making the offering.

Step 2

Choose what you want to offer. This could be any type of food, such as sweets, fruits, or a full meal. You can also offer flowers, incense, or any other item that holds symbolic value.

Step 3

Clean and prepare the offering. Cleanliness is important in many traditions, so make sure the offering is prepared with clean hands and utensils. If you are offering food, make sure it is fresh and of good quality.

Step 4

Recite prayers . Depending on your Islamic or cultural tradition, you may recite prayers or while preparing the offering or while offering it.

Offer the following prayers

1-Recite Surrah Fatiha

surat ul fatiha in arabic

2-Recite Surrah Toheed

Recite Surrah toheed 3 times

surah akhlas in arabic

3-Recite Surah Yasin

Recite Surah Yasin single time

Surrah Yasin

Step 5

Offer the niyaz. Place the offering on a clean plate or cloth, and offer it with reverence and humility. Depending on the tradition, you may offer it to a deity, a spiritual leader, or to those in need.

Step 6

Distribute the offering. After offering the niyaz, it is customary to distribute it among others as a way of sharing the blessings. This can be done by serving the food to others or by giving away the items you offered as gifts.


Remember that the most important aspect of offering niyaz is the intention behind it. It is a way of expressing gratitude and showing generosity towards others, so do it with a pure heart and a selfless attitude.