Dua for memorizing fast

Memorization is storing any knowledge in your brain, and when you have to recite it, you have to produce it in no time. From early childhood, we memorize things without which a child cannot speak any language. Secondly, when we start school there, we also encounter the Memorization process. So in this blog, we will discuss dua for memorizing fast.

There is no denying that Dua is a powerful tool that can help us achieve our goals. If we want to memorize anything quickly, we should make sure to recite it regularly. The more we recite it, the easier it will be for us to remember it. In addition, we should also try to associate the thing we want to memorize with other things that we already know. For example, if we want to memorize a certain verse from the Quran, we can try to associate it with a story from our own life. By doing this, we will be able to recall the verse much more easily.

Fast Memorization dua for children age 5-15

This dua is for the memorizing fast for childern aged 5-15.

  • Recite Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem
  • Then recite the 99 names of Allah 11 times continuously.
  • Then move toward the topic or subject you want to memorize

This dua will help you to memorize ant things fast.

Fast memorization dua for age 15-50

This age group of people mostly belong to the mature category and there memorization target is greater .SO due to more memorization in school,college,university or in any proffessional course the have to memorize subjects in less time .So this dua will help them boost there memorization speed.If you are age group is in between 15-50 so this dua is best for you.

dua for memorizing fast

Steps to perform this dua

  • Recite Bismillah
  • Try to sit in a separate place where there is no disturbance
  • Then close your eyes and recite the above dua three times.

Follow these steps for 21 days. Your memory will become sharp, and you will memorize your subjects fast. 

Dua for fast memorization, according to Hadith

According to authentic hadith this dua is good for memorization and ease in a difficult time

English translation

“Oh God, there is no easy except what You made easy, and You make grief easy if You wish.”

Fast memorization dua for age 50 plus

This dua is for the people of age 50 plus .Recite it 3 times before the memorization of any lesson. This will speed up the speed of the memorization. 

These are the duas that will help to memorize anything quickly. There is no doubt that dua is a powerful tool that can help us to achieve our goals in life. When it comes to memorizing anything quickly, dua can be extremely helpful. By making dua regularly and sincerely, we are opening up the doors of possibility and inviting Allah’s assistance into our lives.