Dua To Drink Milk

As Muslims, expressing gratitude for the blessings we receive is essential, and this includes the food and drink we consume. When drinking milk, we can recite powerful dua’s that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us. In this article we will disscuss all those dua’s which should be recited Before drinking milk. These dua’s acknowledges the goodness of milk and asks Allah for His blessings and abundance in this nourishing drink. By consistently making these supplication, we cultivate a habit of gratitude and recognize that all the blessings we enjoy come from Allah, the Most Merciful and Generous

Before disscussing the dua for drinking milk we will look for the authentic hadiths regarding this dua.

First Hadith related to this dua

Narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas: One day, I was in the house of Maymunah when the Messenger of Allah (SAW) came in along with Khalid ibn al-Walid. They brought two roasted long-tailed lizards on sticks to him.

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) showed disgust by spitting in response to the food. Khalid noticed this and remarked that the Prophet might find it distasteful.

The Prophet (SAW) confirmed that he did find it abominable. Subsequently, some milk was brought to him, and he drank it.
The Prophet (SAW) instructed the audience to pray before each meal, saying, “O Allah, bless us in it, and give us food better than it.” When given milk to drink, people should similarly pray, “O Allah, bless us in it and give us more of it, for no food or drink satisfies like milk.”

Abu Dawud, an Islamic scholar, mentioned that this version of the narration comes from Musaddad.

Second Hadith related to this dua

In another narration, Ibn Abbas recounted that the Prophet (SAW) drank milk and then asked for water to rinse his mouth. He commented that milk contains fat.  Similar narrations on this topic can be found from Sahl bin Sa’d As-Sa’idi and Umm Salamah, as documented by Bukhari and Muslim, two of the most trusted sources of Hadith.

Abu Eisa, another reputable scholar, classified this Hadith as Hasan Sahih, meaning it is considered good and authentic.

Scholars have differing views on the custom of rinsing the mouth after consuming milk. Some people think doing so is advised, while others don’t think it’s necessary.

In Islam, believers are encouraged to recite specific duas (supplications) before and after eating.  These duas serve as a way to express gratitude to Allah for providing sustenance and to seek His blessings and forgiveness. Before eating, Muslims say “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah), and after eating, they say “Alhamdulillah” (All praise be to Allah).

It is worth mentioning that Muslims are encouraged to make a conscious intention (niyyah) before consuming any food or drink. By doing so, they turn their everyday actions into acts of worship, bringing spiritual significance to the mundane aspects of life. Having a sincere intention while drinking milk or any other food elevates it from a mere physical activity to a spiritually rewarding one. 

The act of consuming milk or any other food can be infused with spiritual significance through the principles of gratitude, supplication, intention, and following the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). By being thankful to Allah for the blessings of milk and all other provisions, Muslims can turn their daily activities into acts of worship and deepen their connection with their Creator.

Let’s explore the dua’s for Drinking milk.


milk drinking dua

(Bismillahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahim)
(Allahumma barik lana feehi wa zidna minhu)

English Translation “O Allah, bless it for us and increase it for us”


Dua # 02

(Allahumma tahhir qalbi min an-nifaaq, wa amali min ar-riyaa’, wa lisani min al-kadhib)

English Translation “O Allah, purify my heart from hypocrisy, my deeds from showing off, and my tongue from lying”


Dua for milk drinking

(Allahumma ij’alni mina al-ladhina yashkuroona ni’mataka wa yusabbihoonaka biha, barraatan min kulli ithmin wa dhanb)

English Translation “O Allah, make me among those who are grateful for Your blessings and who glorify You for them, free from all sin and wrongdoing”


When you drink milk, it is recommended to say the first dua (Bismillah) before drinking, and you can choose one of the other duas to recite afterwards as a way to seek Allah’s blessings and gratitude.