Dua to Pass Driving Test

Appropriate options relieve the fear of the driving test. By proper choices, we mean your choice of when to apply for the driving test; if your life at present is full of challenges and concerns, perhaps it is better to postpone the driving test a little. Or are you afraid of failure in general? Most of us are so scared of failure, and the fear of failure is considered positive if it is within its natural limits. You will need to relax and calm down before the driving test and find that things are going well. Control your negative thoughts and prepare to bear the license in your pocket. Do others influence you with their opinions or experiences? So you have to be deaf to everything that is said about the driving test, and when you hear things that scare you, try to deal with them with sarcasm and assure yourself that the driving test will go well as long as you are ready for it. God, grant us safety, O God; I entrust my family, my religion, and my relatives to you. Oh God, have mercy on me, God has compassion on me, there is no god but God.”
Many people suffer from panic, as well as rapid heartbeat, inability to breathe, severe palpitations in the heart, and feel as if their heart will move from its place, so we will teach you an easy way to control this fear and severe phobia of driving a car, in simple and easy steps, so follow With us. O Lord, write for me facilitation and success in this day. Worlds. Which is indispensable for any student who wants to succeed… O Allah, grant us success, increase knowledge and righteous

Makasib al-Islam channel offers you the answered supplication, God willing, repeated 100 times, and it is a very powerful supplication to fulfill your needs. Examination supplication in a childish voice, a supplication before studying and reviewing, an exam supplication, a gift for all our children, for the most beautiful success. A supplication to facilitate driving a carMany of us own cars, and others are thinking of buying them but are afraid of going them. He may have been in an accident or seen a particular scene that makes him feel nervous, confused, and anxious about driving a car. The Holy Prophet recommended we mention several hadiths and taught them to overcome this fear and for God Almighty to facilitate our affairs for us and facilitate this ride, and arrive safely. But some of us do not memorize all of them or may memorize a hadith from them, but we will offer a supplication to facilitate driving a car, to eliminate the fear inside us, as well as for the individual to pray to God to reach his journey, or his family safely

Dua # 01 Surat ul Fatiha

Recite surat ul Fatiha before starting the driving test as it will enhance your self-belief, and you will be confident about the task that you will do it. When your self beliefs become strong, you will pass the driving test.

surat ul fatiha in arabic

Dua # 02 surat ul Akhlas

This is all about the oneness and power of Allah. So Muslims recite this, then you believe I will try my best, but the result is in the hands of Allah. So recite surat ul Akhlas 3 times and start your driving test; you will succeed in the test.

surah akhlas in arabic

Dua # 03 surah al kausar

Recite Surah Al Kausar 3 time during the driving license test ,it was intact your confidence

Surah Kausar in arabic