Dua Qonoot with English Urdu Translation(Download Pdf)

Qunoot is defined as: supplication, submission, obedience, worship, and prayer . Muslims recite Qunoot in the Witr prayer and at calamities and disasters, and in the five daily prayers, and it is in the last rak’ah before or after bowing; He, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, recited qunoots for a month consecutively in the noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening prayers, and in the morning prayer after each prayer, if he said, God hears those who praise Him from the last rak’ah, supplicates for the living of those who are healthy over the poor, the weak, the disobedient, and the believers behind him believe.”

What is dua qunoot? A brief explanation

Dua qunoot is a type of du’a, or prayer, that is recited during Witr prayer. The word “qunoot” has many different interpretations, but it generally refers to a specific du’a that is recited during Witr prayer.

The Witr prayer consists of 3 units of prayers (rak’ahs). After the Isha’ prayer, which has 2 rak’ahs, the worshipper prays 1 rak’ah of Witr. In this rak’ah, after reciting Surat al-Fatihah and another surah or verses from the Quran, the worshipper stands up and performs dua qunoot.

Dua qunoot can be done in different ways. The most common way is to raise both hands close to the ears and then place them on the chest, while saying the du’a. Another way is to raise one’s hands to shoulder level and then place them on the chest; this is how Imam Malik (may Allah have mercy on him) used to do it.

The du’a itself is usually recited in Arabic, but there are also English translations available.

How to Perform Dua Qunoot

In order to perform Dua Qunoot, you will need to:

1. Stand in a state of Wudhu (ablution)
2. Perform Salah (prayer)
3. Raise your hands to shoulder height with your palms open
4. Recite the required Du‘a (supplication)
5. Lower your hands

If you are unsure of how to perform Wudhu or Salah, please consult a reliable source such as a local Imam or Muslim scholar.

Dua Qunoot in Arabic

dua qunoot in arabic

Dua Qunoot with urdu translation

Dua qunoot with urdu translation

Download dua qunood in Pdf

Dua Qunoot with English translation

dua qunoot with english translation

Tips for Memorizing Dua Qunoot

In order to effectively memorize Dua Qunoot, it is important to first understand the meaning of the Dua. Once you have a good understanding of what you are reciting, it will be much easier to commit the Dua to memory. Here are some additional tips to help you memorize Dua Qunoot:

1. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: One of the best ways to memorize anything is through repetition. So, once you have learnt the Dua, make sure to recite it as often as possible. The more you recite it, the better you will be at remembering it.

2. Write It Down: Writing down the Dua can also help with memorization. You can either write it out in full or just jot down key phrases that will help jog your memory when you need to recite the Dua.

3. Record Yourself: Another helpful tip is to record yourself reciting the Dua and then listen back to it frequently. This way, you can hear how the words should be pronounced and also get familiar with the flow of the words.

4. Get a Friend to Help: Trying to memorize something on your own can sometimes be tricky. So, if you know someone else who is also trying to learn Dua Qunoot, work together and help each other out. Quizzing each other and testing each other’s memory can actually be quite fun!

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Dua Qunoot is an incredibly powerful prayer that can be used to seek guidance and protection from Allah. While it is not required to pray this Dua every day, doing so can certainly help to increase your spirituality and connection to the divine. We hope that our translation of the Dua Qunoot has helped you to understand its meaning and significance, and that you will consider incorporating it into your own daily prayers.