Fajr azan

Fajr Azan – The Call to Prayer at Dawn The practice of Azan, in Islam the call to prayer, dates back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad in the early 7th century. The origin of Fajr Azan, specifically, can be traced back to the early Islamic community in Medina. According to historical records, the […]

Ayat ul kursi

Ayat ul kursi(Urdu ,English and Arabic Translation and tafseer) My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, today I want to talk to you about the greatness of Ayatul Kursi, which is the 255th verse of Surah al-Baqarah, the longest surah of the Quran. This verse is highly revered by Muslims all over the world, and […]

Niyaz Dene ka Tarika

Niyaz Dene ka Tarika-Islamic way to offer niyaz Niyaz is a common phrase used in the Urdu language and can have several meanings. If we look at this text in the context of Islamic social traditions, niyaz means performing a beautiful act or worship for the sake of Allah. Niyaz, also known as nazr or […]

Dua to thank Allah for his Favour and Blessings

Dua to Thank Allah for his Favour and Blessings The Muslim must sense the great favour and blessing of Allah in word and deed, and that he not use it except in what pleases God, may he be glorified and exalted, and that he should thank him by dua. What are the blessings and Favours […]

Dua to Pass Job Interview

Dua to Pass Job Interview Many organizations around the world conduct job interviews and many candidates seeking job are going through the interview process daily. So here in this article we we will let you know different duas to pass job interview. So what is the problem? Why people afraid of job interviews? Basically it […]

What Dua to read when it rains?

What Dua to read when it rains? When it rains, recite any of the following prayers “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, “Praise be to Allah, the One who sends down the blessings of the heavens, and spreads His mercy to his servants. O Allah, praise be to God, the […]

Dua for memorizing fast

Dua for memorizing fast Memorization is storing any knowledge in your brain, and when you have to recite it, you have to produce it in no time. From early childhood, we memorize things without which a child cannot speak any language. Secondly, when we start school there, we also encounter the Memorization process. So in […]

Birthday celebration in Islam

Birthday celebration in Islam In Islam, the birthday is not a day of celebration. It is seen as just another day when one can give thanks to Allah for the gift of life. However, some Muslims do celebrate their birthdays, especially those who have reached the age of maturity (puberty). This is done more as […]

walikum salam

walikum salam In Arabic, “Walaikum salam” is a phrase that means “Peace be upon you”. It is often used as a greeting, and is also a part of the Muslim prayer. What do Walaikum salam mean? When greeting someone, it is customary to say “walaikum salam” in Arabic. The phrase translates to “and to you […]